"TFP" is a term used frequently in the modeling world. It means, quite simply, "Time for Prints." “TFCD” means “Time for Compact Disc” or digital images. You provide your time as a model subject to a photographer who provides his time to photograph you. The usual deal is that the model receives prints (photos or electronic media) in exchange for being a subject for the photographer to shoot. Many beginning photographers gain their own practice by trading time with models. Many professional photographers use TFP or TFCD as an opportunity to test models for upcoming projects and work, or to try out new shots or techniques without having to go out and hire a paid model. All around, this is the number one best source of learning for a model plus, you walk away with images to start building a portfolio!

TFP or TFCD can be attained by checking for interested photographers with your town's local photography clubs, with the universities that have photography classes, or more easily nowadays over the Internet! You should negotiate in advance what it is you are seeking to obtain for yourself from the photographer, and find out also what he expects in return for his time and work. Generally, a model release does not need to be signed with the photographer, so avoid these unless there is pay, or a specific reason to sign one. In all cases, the photographer will wish to be able to, at the very least, use the shots as examples of his or her own work. That is fine, since it is the same thing you intend on doing with the shots that they provide to you. If they intend to sell the shots or publish them in a way that is not just as a display of their photographic abilities, then you should be compensated for your time. At the very least, you might sign an agreement to share profits on any sale.

Where do you get your photos? TFP or TFCD is an ideal way to start. Many cities, photographers, and camera clubs offer "photo day" type "workshop" shoots. During these, models model for a small fee, or for free, and assorted photographers (often hobbyists and amateurs) come in small groups and shoot away. They gain experience, and you gain the ability to obtain photos. Depending on the situation, you can either arrange or agree to get a certain amount of photos free, or sometimes you can purchase enlargements from the photographers "at their cost."

TFP (Time for Prints) is more ideal, though often harder to find. Many beginners offer TFP or TFCD as an option, but getting TFP or TFCD out of a professional is sometimes very difficult. When a professional photographer has special projects or upcoming work they are testing for, you might have an opportunity to work with them for free and obtain images for free in return. Aspiring models and photographers have used the TFP or TFCD method of "barter" for many years.

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