In8 Photography
Todd Plinke

Buffalo, NY 14120

E-Mail: In8 Photography

I keep it very simple!

I use the Canon 30D Digital SLR  capable of 5 fps up to 30 frames and is capable of 8.2 million pixels. I carry 2x 8GB compact flash cards & a 10D as a backup.

This will give me a very large shooting capacity in JPG format, and quite an impressive capability in RAW format. These cameras and lenses create superb photos when printed up to 11x17" and are great for magazine and newspaper photos. This gives me an awesome setup!

The 30D has a magnification of 1.6x compared to 35mm. I usually have my canon 70-200mm 2.8 is lens & the canon 20-35mm 2.8 with me at all times.

I shoot mostly outdoors, with natural light, reflected natural light,  flash & reflected light off of a silver, gold or white reflector.